The Awkward Guide

In every situation in life, there's always a way to make a tit of yourself


Of all the things you have to lose – your temper, your hair, your dignity, never lose your sense of humour – it is by far the most valuable and will get you through losing all of the above.

Someone once said (I can’t remember who… or when) that sometimes your knight in shining armour is an idiot in tinfoil.  Well, think of this blog as your idiot in tinfoil – whether it’s a tale of sporting mishaps, an unfortunate encounter with a lift, a slightly nerdy look at grammar being funny, or an Awkward Guide, everything written here is just trying to brighten your day, raise a smile, or maybe illicit an embarrassingly loud chuckle in a public place.

The Awkward Guide provides very tongue-in-cheek advice (all of it, sadly, earned the hard way) on the pitfalls of living a socially awkward life, and how to cope magnificently with everything from growing up to wearing fake moustaches.

Occasionally I write something serious, but mostly I just make bad jokes about cheese and give you my embarrassing moments in hopes they’ll make you chuckle

The Awkward Guide has recently joined Facebook, if you would like to befriend the Awkward Guide, it would be thrilled. It will probably like all of your family holiday photos from 2007, and post obscure and overly-enthusiastic birthday messages on your wall.

If you just can’t wait to read even more of my finest, hand-picked words, then head over here to read some of my strange stories about diabolical cats and a cigar-smoking octopus.


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  1. khinjarsi

    Hi! I’ve decided to nominate you for a Versatile Blogger award since I love your blog so much!


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