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Deja View – I’m sure I’ve seen this one before

Have you ever been happily watching a film when suddenly you were struck with the overwhelming feeling that you’d seen it before?

That’s probably because you had. It may have had a different title, different soundtrack, different director, it may even have had different actors in it. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t essentially the same film. To better illustrate this I have helpfully compiled a list for you to tut at, scorn, cast judgement on, or just simply go “oh yeah!”

Here are 4 sets of films which are so similar you can scarcely tell them apart (except the last pair – if you can’t tell the difference between a lion and a gorilla then you have problems)

1. Fool’s Gold and Sahara

Matthew McConaughey goes looking for some really old and historically controversial ship in a hot country with lots of sand. He manages to blow up a boat. There’s a goofy sidekick, a girl in a bikini, and a distinguished-looking older gentleman who owns a bigger boat and a cravat. Some of the locals try to kill them at various points throughout. To be fair, there are no war lords or enormous quantities of radioactive waste in Fool’s Gold, and they make daring escapes on a moped rather than a camel. So I guess we have to credit them with some originality.

Admittedly Kate Hudson was not blessed with such a cool hat

2. What Women Want and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Continuing on a bit of a Matthew McConaughey/Kate Hudson theme, we have these two romantic comedies about an advertising executive who thinks he knows everything about women. Turns out he’s just a bit of a knob and is trying to get ahead in his career. But it’s ok, because so’s she. So really they deserve each other, isn’t that romantic. There is also a slightly suicidal girl involved for no apparent reason – maybe that’s the comedy bit.


3. Antz and A Bug’s Life

Bit of an obvious one, I’m sure it’s been pointed out many a time before, but at least it means I can include some films which don’t involve our beloved Matthew getting a bit naked. And if, like me, you were 7 when these films were released then this is the kind of realisation that had the power to rock your world and make you feel like a genius. Like finding out that the alphabet song is the same as twinkle twinkle little star, or that if you sing the Postman Pat theme tune backwards it becomes a voodoo chant to summon the devil (that last one’s not true by the way).

Two tales of insecty peril in which an underdog ant saves the day with a little help from his friends. There are even a few sparks of invertebrate romance. Heartwarming.

Steady on! This is a family film!

4. Born Free and Mighty Joe Young

The stories of two lovely couples (Jill & Greg, and Joy & George) with a penchant for denim shirts and setting wild animals free to roam around Africa again – hurrah!

In one, a game warden and his wife re-educate a domesticated lion so she can be released into the wild. In the other, an orphaned, oversized and ostracised gorilla is taken to a refuge in L.A. where nasty poachers set him loose, then kidnap and try to kill him. Fortunately quick-thinking Jill crashes the truck and the gorilla escapes to a carnival where he saves a falling child from a Ferris wheel, and then gets shipped back to Africa to live happily ever after. Guess which one is based on a true story.

Shit me that's a big gorilla!


2 comments on “Deja View – I’m sure I’ve seen this one before

  1. Russ Nickel

    I get that feeling all the time. It’s extra weird when 2 of the same movie come out in theaters at basically the same time like Deep Impact/Armageddon and Dante’s Peak/Volcano.


    • alotlikejen

      Oh yeah I always get confused between Deep Impact and Armageddon!


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