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In every situation in life, there's always a way to make a tit of yourself

10 Things That, As A Child, It Never Occurs To You You’ll Have To Deal With As An Adult

In the halcyon days of woollen dungarees, booster seats, and being blissfully unaware of how chicken nuggets are made, there are a few things that it never occurs to you … Continue reading

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Six months at Pirie Close, London

Leaving university is a strange thing. It’s also quite a difficult thing. A decidedly un-difficult thing in the context of war and persecution and actual suffering. But difficult, undoubtedly, in … Continue reading

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The Awkward Guide To Summer

In a world filled with minor afflictions, from head colds to strange purple rashes, those that seem to crop up around summertime have surely got to be the most troublesome. … Continue reading

31/05/2014 · 1 Comment

The Awkward Guide To The Hairdressers

Getting a haircut can be a risky business. Especially for an awkward person. Aside from the fact that you actually have to trust another human being to not take away … Continue reading

08/05/2014 · 1 Comment

The Awkward Guide To Cycling

On a lovely sunny day it’s easy to imagine that taking a nice turn around some country lanes on a bicycle would be a perfectly joyous way to spend an … Continue reading

04/05/2014 · 3 Comments

The Awkward Guide To Exams

It doesn’t take a genius  to work out all of the usual reasons why exams aren’t most people’s idea of a fun-filled afternoon – it’s not rocket science (unless of course … Continue reading

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The Awkward Guide To Exercise Classes

One way to get around the issue of making a prat of yourself on your own at the gym is to join an exercise class. And make a prat of … Continue reading

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The Awkward Guide To Meetings

If you make the unfortunate mistake of reaching a point in life when you have to get a sensible job that involves acquiring a work wardrobe which consists almost entirely of different shades … Continue reading

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The Awkward Guide To The Spa

First of all I should point out that I’ve never actually been to a spa. For some reason the thought of lying naked in an aromatic room while a stranger … Continue reading

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The Awkward Guide To Videocalls

Which would be called the Awkward Guide to Skype but in the interests of not getting sued is called the Awkward Guide to Videocalls instead. There is something about the … Continue reading

24/11/2013 · 1 Comment

The Awkward Guide To Commuting On The Tube

Because nothing says 8am on a Monday like being squashed up against a bunch of strangers in an underground tunnel. Amongst all the ups and downs of living in London, … Continue reading

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The Awkward Guide To Maps

Maps the world over proclaim themselves to be helpful little tools offering us assistance in those tricky matters in life, like finding the nearest Public House, determining whether a nearby … Continue reading

04/10/2013 · 1 Comment

The Awkward Guide To Lifts

I don’t like lifts. It’s not because I’m claustrophobic, although tight spaces don’t exactly fill me with feelings of joy and excitement. And I’m not particularly afraid that they will … Continue reading

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The Awkward Guide To Moving Out

Life is generally quite full of doing peculiar things. Moving out is one of them – an occasion when we decide to put all of our stuff into boxes and … Continue reading

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